June 5, 2013

Visual Inspiration

Some gems from the world wide web of digital wonders:

dudes. it is getting HOT here. in the valley this weekend it is supposed to peak at 113 degrees on saturday. whaaaaat. luckily my little hilltop will be cooler, topping out at a mere 100 or 101. we're going camping on friday/saturday with Asher's school, so the river will be in full effect on the hottest days. essential. how is the weather where you are? do you have your summer bathing suit picked out yet??? (i know one doesn't need to buy a new one each summer, but for some reason it just feels so good to do so).


  1. I haven't owned a bathing suit in YEARS! Isn't that the saddest thing?! That's changing this Summer

  2. Love these photos! I am still looking for the perfect bathing suit- I haven't found it yet. But I can't wait for days spent by the water :)


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