July 6, 2013

Devendra and Ana

Hey babes of the blogworld. I'm on a mini vacation at my mom's house in Tahoe again. remember this? Summer here is so magical. But for now, I'm going to do a brief interlude about Devendra Banhart and Ana Kras. WHAT!? do you know about them? I am, in general, pretty unaware of pop culture. But, after finding a gorgeous photo of a kiss online, I dug deeper and found out that it is an image of Devendra and his lady, Ana. 

This photo floors me. I find it particularly striking that it is a celebrity couple - the intimacy and trust and desire in this photo are so raw, so earthy, so....familiar. once i found out it who it was, I looked them up more - and for those of you who don't know, they have an impossibly sweet love story, and a plethora of amazing photos of the two of them. So grateful to these two for sharing their love with us in this way.

I pulled my photos from this article, which has several more great images.

Cheers to love, and to finding those people (romantic or not) who speak your language and know your heart. 


  1. oh girl, we need to get together and have long conversations about devendra. he's my favorite. *sigh* also, i'm wondering if any of these photos were taken by lauren dukoff. uber talented photographer who grew up with devendra and has tons of amazing photos of him in her collection. i think you'd like :)

  2. so darn cute! i love long hair devendra too ;)

  3. I love Devendra~ I saw this photo floating on Pinterest for the longest time before I realized it was him and I loved it already. Now I love it even more, and it's great to get a little more history behind it. Have a beautiful vacay xx

  4. This is a great post & those photos are beyond incredible! Thanks for sharing <3

  5. Here's to love is a good way to put it. I've only recently really gotten into Davendra, but now he rocks my world.


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