July 16, 2013

Rainbow Bright/Summer Light (part 2)

As promised, here is the second installment of photograph magic from my recent lookbook collaboration. Like all of my lookbooks, these are intended as a source of inspiration and joy for those who see them. Collaboration is (for me) the most fun and most rewarding aspect of creative production. (Did you miss the first round of photos? View them here.)

Photography: Melanie MacTavish
Wardrobe: Lost Boys + Lovers/Claire Fong
Earrings/Necklaces: Claire Fong
Necklaces: Popoja
Model: Melanie King

Product deets:
Again, if you have any questions about any of the pieces in this shoot, please email me with your inquiries or leave a comment in this thread. the earrings are all available through Claire, and the rainbow necklace by Popoja is one-of-a-kind and still available. The vintage mesh dress is rad and still available in my shop, and the handmade fringe burlesque outfit is available for purchase (burning man?); just send an inquiry, as it is not listed online.
Photos 1-3: earrings by Claire Fong; fringe ourfit handmade by Lost Boys + Lovers
Photo 4-5:  earrings by Claire Fong, necklace by Popoja; vintage mesh dress available at Lost Boys + Lovers
Photo 6-7: earrings by Claire Fong, necklace by Claire Fong


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