July 11, 2013

Rainbow Bright/Summer Light

Last month I collaborated with some local favorites to produce a summer photo collection/lookbook. I may do two posts on these photos because there are so many beautiful ones! The "looks" are a collaboration between Lost Boys + Lovers (wardrobe) and Claire Fong Jewelry (or visit her shop, here)...Claire is one of my favorite local earring designers and I believe I have posted about her before. And the photographs are by the ever-talented and amazing Melanie MacTavish, who I have cartainly posted about before and who has photographed other projects of mine. Love her! I also featured a few beautiful items from Popoja in the shoot; and we were graced by the magnificent modeling presence of local beauty, Melanie King. 

Here are some images for you to feast your eyes on today. Many thanks to all of the women involved in making this photoshoot happen.

Photography: Melanie MacTavish
Wardrobe: Lost Boys + Lovers/Claire Fong
Earrings/Necklaces: Claire Fong
Bracelets/Necklaces: Popoja
Model: Melanie King

*If you have any questions about any of the pieces in this shoot, please email me with your inquiries or leave a comment in this thread. I am going to post a second installation of photos tomorrow, so check back!

Photos 1-5: necklace/bracelets by Popoja, earrings by Claire Fong
Photo 6: necklaces and earrings by Claire Fong, bracelets by Popoja
Photo 7: earrings by Claire Fong
Photo 8-10: coral necklace and bracelets by Popoja, leather necklace and earrings by Claire Fong, chain belt by Lost Boys + Lovers


  1. totally fabulous. the colors are killer. more collaborations for you lady (you always have super hot ladies in your stuff!)

  2. These look so fab!! I love all of the bright colors for Summer!


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