July 1, 2013

summer nights

I spent the weekend at a girlfriend's house and we did very excellent girl things like hosting tea parties and clothing swaps, drinking champagne, and baking peach tortes. we also ate grapes and figs in abundance and made lavish breakfasts. the heat was amazing - the sun beating so hard that people flung off their clothes, celebrated the season and gave thanks for summer. 

I could tell you...but I am sure you already know the magic of the summer porch nights: 

the dinner and dining turns to laughter and wine. slowly the light fades and the candles are lit. the warmth of the sun stays trapped in the rocks and the earth, emanating upwards (still, even in the dark). you walk around barefoot and pick at the leftovers; you have another glass of wine. you share stories; you laugh until you cry. you think about doing the dishes, but then you don't because tomorrow will come and there will be more time to do everything, and this moment is too precious to waste. you must drink up every drop of it - you must open your arms fully and feel the vastness of this tiny, glowing moment.


  1. that peach tart it is so beautiful, as are the pictures of the gathering
    love the story and the words

  2. you guys have giant balls for turning on the oven this week ;-P


  3. beautiful. wish i was there with you. :)

  4. Looks and sounds like so much fun!



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