July 24, 2013

Up North

Tomorrow I am going to Oregon for three weeks. I will see friends, I will see family, I will see my old stomping grounds; I will celebrate my birthday and I will wear shoes that I never get to wear here in the land of (beloved) trees and dirt. I will see a friend get married, and I will see friends I haven't seen in a long time. Quite possibly, I will not spend much time on the computer or on this blog. Or, just as possibly, I will feel super inspired to chronicle my journeys and I will load you with photos and stories and sweet memories of the lush state where I first became a mother. 

Who knows. 

I do know these things:

I am way stoked on all of your comments on my last post. Thank you. thank you for reading, for feeling me, and for commenting. All of your comments particularly touched me on this one. 
Yesterday, Suzanne at The House of Milk featured me on her blog. For this I feel quite honored, pleasantly surprised, and very thankful. I met Suzanne through the blogosphere...and we just so happened to both live in Chico. wtf? so awesome! Her blog is gorgeous and so is she.

I have packed approximately 12 pairs of shoes for my three-week trip. And I'm not ashamed. This is one of the most glorious aspects of car travel.

I recently have been getting to know my neighbors who have children that can play with my child. Today when my oven exploded, the neighbors fixed it and then invited me and Asher over for a dinner of homemade meatloaf and pickles, tomatoes, green beans and melon. And wine. 

These things, together or apart...and along with many other things unmentioned and unrealized, mean that life is really good; there is so much to be thankful for.

Blessed be the summer and the sweet things that grow.

See you soon.

(photo found here)


  1. I just LOVE reading your blog, its so life affirming. I wish I could be around to hang with you in summer vibes, but I just booked an airline ticket taking me to Brazil for 7 weeks and then home to Cali land baby! I'll be home in March so I do hope we can hang out! Enjoy your travels Mamacita! Blessings & Love XO

  2. What a great post! It's so inspiring to see people who are so in love with life. It's sounds like you are going to have an amazing trip! I hope that you have a couple pairs of rad boots packed. Have a great time!

  3. i hope you're having the best time!!
    i always pack too many shoes, too.
    you are terribly sweet and lovely!


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