August 28, 2013

simple things

See? I'm back already. Mostly because I took this photo and played with it and i love what happened. it reminds me of an old photograph of my mother's. something from the early 70s, buried in a box of snapshots that never made it into an album. 

also while i'm here, i've found a new-to-me blog that i love called Petal and Plume. it's gorgeous.

my mom lives up at Lake Tahoe, as i've mentioned many times before, and we can't visit her right now because of the smoke. yosemite is burning and my mom can't breathe. and we can't go visit because then we would all be grumpy and feel yucky. so instead she will come here for the final hurrah: the last days of summer vacation are upon us and school is on our very doorstep. 

summer is the best. 

but i also get excited for autumn. 

more soon 


  1. Petal and plume is lovely, eh? Sorry about the smoke. So scary and sad. Love you.

  2. those fires...jeez. praying for everyone's health, for sure.
    i get so excited for autumn too. can't wait. :)

  3. Such a lovely photo. I love Petal and Plume as well! I hope your mom is ok and that you have a lovely visit with her. I am ready for Autumn, too! Bring on the chilly weather.

  4. ugh, we've been dealing with that smoke something awful. the morning of my ultrasound (tuesday) was the absolute worst; we could barely breathe, and it was all trapped in our house because we sleep wth the windows open, fans on. anyway i sure hope they get those fires under control soon for everyone's sake!

    this year i cannot wait for autumn, so so excited more than ever!

    going to check out petal and plume now. much love to you.

  5. dearest Sadie,
    thank you so very much for this shout out! you are a darling. your blog inspires me!
    so sorry about the smoke situation.. but i hope that you have the loveliest time together!
    big hugs to you!


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