September 8, 2013

Shedding the skin

Well you guys, it's happening. I am leaving Lost Boys + Lovers. Ever since I made the switch it hasn't quite settled into that feeling of comfort that i crave. LB+L feels too much outside of myself, rather than within. Let me put it this way: LB+L is a really gorgeous bra that looks pretty but when you finally get home and take it off you breathe a sigh of relief and feel like yourself again: your ribcage shivers with delight at the possibility of you-ness. 

(bra burning)

sooo, this is not some grand announcement of what's next or what will transpire. i have no promises to make, and no promises to keep. i'm going back to blogging at sadiedeluxe, where i have 5 years of history and a lot of identity. i'm going to blog about babies and books and food and the weather - and probably some crafty stuff, too. and i'm going to keep selling vintage (also at ye olde shoppe of sadiedeluxe) because that's what i love to do - and if you buy some of it, that's fucking awesome, and if not, that's also awesome. it's really our relationship that i love the most. (really). 

so i'm going back. i'm taking off the bra and i might even burn it.

i won't get into it too much more right now, but as always, the journey continues. come with me if you want; i feel certain that we will all end up exactly where we need to be.

sadie rose


  1. Great picture, good bye to Peter Pan and the lost boys
    I love and have alwasy loved SadieDeluxe~

  2. Well done you for staying true to yourself Sadie, I'll still be following lovely xx


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