September 4, 2013

the end and the beginning

well, it finally happened: school has started. it is officially the end of summer - even though the afternoons are still hot (here), Fall is well on its way in the door and the evenings are colder, bedtime is earlier (helloooo school day alarm), and the weeks once again are marked by their weekends; gone is the endless flow of days that is summer vacation. 

as i mentioned, i managed to make some things with the garden bounty. whew. i made pasta sauce and froze it; i made one giant pear pie; i made it down to the creek just in time for the elderberries and i'm brewing another batch of tonic. 

i helped host a successful event, as i mentioned here, and it was a nice reminder of what community feels like. so often i remain in my hermit shell, and so it's nice to engage and experience an outpouring of energy, and to take part in the exchange. the event inspired me to make some more purses, all of which sold at the event. thank you dear community for supporting me and buying things i make.

have you been making things? are you SO excited that your baby is back in school, or are you sad? can you feel Autumn on your face yet??


  1. feeling the autumn shift and its inspiration to cuddle up and create -- if only the weather would cooperate and cool down! we are now a school-free family so, among other things, we can enjoy all four seasons without the speeding the streets trying to keep up with 'the man's' schedule ;)
    your first two photos make me hungry. best to you and A for a happy september!

  2. Sadie, I love your purses, you are talented hon.


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